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Strawberry -


May be a tree of the Phrygarya species, that it's cultivated worldwide. Its fruit is additionally legendary by an equivalent name. The special smell of strawberries has become its identity.

It is bright red in color. it's additionally consumed recently, as a fruit, further as preserved and consumed within the sort of jam, juice, pie, ice cream, milkshake, etc.

Strawberry plants will fall prey to varied diseases. Its leaves may be infected with mildew, leaf spots (caused by the plant life Sphaerellafragariae), blight (caused by the plant life Phimosis obscurants).

Apex and roots could also be prey to red stele, fungus wilt, black plant disease, and nematodes. Fruits might suffer from grey mildew, mold rot, and animal skin rot.

Diseases may also develop because of excessive temperature rise throughout winter in plants. once watering your strawberry plants, confine in mind that water ought to lean to the roots, not the leaves.

Otherwise, the wet on the leaves encourages the expansion of fungi. make sure that the strawberry is in Associate in Nursing open space so the chance of

fungous diseases may be reduced.

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